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College of Fine Arts

The Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op


The Committee-At-Large is comprised of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who assist the Executive Committee producing and facilitating the Cohen New Works Festival! Members of the Committee-At-Large also have the opportunity to be a part of the Festival Selection!

Committee-at-Large Members:
*Denotes a member of the Festival Selection Committee.

Dana Arismendez*
Jason Buchanan
Scott Blackshire*
Caleb Britton*
Cassidy Browning*
Eduardo Camacho*
Charlotte Campbell*
Yao Chen
Rusty Cloyes*
Joseph Dailey*
Alex Dallas*
Lincoln Davidson*
Will Douglas*

Mary Mackenzie Dunn*
Yvonne Ferrufino
Madilynn Garcia
Isaac Gomez*
Danya Gorel*
Samuel Gorena*
Victoria Goss*
Nathan Graham*
Kate Griffiths*
Jessica Helton*
Andrew Hinderaker
Lucy Junker
David Justin*

Lucy Kerr
Briran Kettler*
Kate Kislingbury
Kara Konop*
Kirk Lynn*
Susan MacCorkle
Michael Massey*
Taylor McCaslin*
James McMaster*
Sidney Monroe*
Nicole Oglesby*
Moses Park*
Megan Rabuse

Michael Rahmatoulin*
Olivia Reep*
Sarah Saltwick*
Diana Small
Victoria Solorio
Alison Stoos*
Bianca Sulaica*
Eva Suter*
Megan Thompson*
Christina Vargas*
Christina Wann*
Kathryn Wicker*