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The Filaments: Sparked by Suzan Zeder

Festival FilamentThe Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-Op is proud to announce the creation of a new series within the Festival: The Filaments: Sparked by Suzan Zeder. The Filaments is an expansion on the Reading Room from the 2011 Festival – which offered a space for three project submissions to hold staged readings.

Named after the conductor in an incandescent light bulb, this year’s series has a specific goal to diversify the kinds of projects to be given a laboratory space to grow their work. As the name suggests, the projects selected for this series have wonderful core elements, and the goal is that these projects will use the resources given to them to experiment with an aspect of the project, try manifesting their work in a new way, and receive close critical attention and feedback. Festival attendees will have multiple opportunities to experience and engage with each of the Filaments projects.

This series is curated by the Engaging Research subcommittee, which works to extend the mission of the Festival by crafting accessible spaces within the Festival for critical inquiry, collaboration, reflection, and innovative research in, around, about, and for performance.

The Filaments are, indeed, “sparked” by Suzan Zeder – her commitment to supporting new work throughout her career continues today, and inspired the creation of the 2011 Festival’s Reading Room. Zeder attended each and every event in the Reading Room, and we hope to follow in her footsteps and maintain the mission of the Festival with the crafting of a new tradition: The Filaments.

Written by Cassidy Browning, Engaging Research