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About Suzan Zeder

Suzan Zeder HeadshotSuzan Zeder is the wild heart and true spirit behind every Cohen New Works Festival to date at the University of Texas.  Suzan has carried the Festival through several growing pains toward the mature beast it is today.  Suzan has broken rules, cut corners and wrestled with bureaucratic angels, all in the name of celebrating student work. If you get a chance to kiss Suzan on the cheek during this festival, don’t miss it.  But if you really want to get her attention – buy her a really nice martini.

And just as she has been invaluable to the students at the University of Texas, Suzan also altered the landscape of the American Theatre.  Expanding the available subject matter of Theatre for Young Audiences from adaptations of fairy tales to complicated narratives that dare to take the thoughts and feelings of young people seriously, Suzan has written about divorce in Doors and dealing with stepparents in Step On A Crack.  Don’t miss her new play, The Edge of Peace coming to Austin in Feb. of 2013.

Suzan Zeder is one of the nation’s leading playwrights of plays for young and family audiences. Her work has been seen in all fifty states and has been produced and published in Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan, Israel, and Switzerland. Step On A Crack, Wiley And The Hairy Man, In A Room Somewhere, and The Death And Life Of Sherlock Holmes are regularly performed by professional and university theatres throughout the country. Doors and Mother Hicks were produced at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., which also co-commissioned Do Not Go Gentle.

Suzan Zeder is a four-time winner of the Distinguished Play Award given by the American Alliance of Theatre and Education. She is also a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at The University of Texas and The College of Fellows of the American Theatre in Washington, D.C. Suzan Zeder is the first holder of an endowed chair in Theatre For Youth/Playwriting at the University of Texas.

Written by Kirk Lynn, Producer