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College of Fine Arts

The 2013 Filament Projects

Festival FilamentOur Committee-at-Large recommended projects for this series during Festival selection and then voted to select six projects for the 2013 Filament series.  The exciting lineup includes:

Project Lead: Raymundo Delgadillo
Cancun is a multimedia performance addressing American stereotypes of Mexico and the lack of knowledge about American involvement in the Mexican drug war.

Creative Skin
Project Lead: Courtney Mazeika and Victoria Mora
Creative Skin provides an inside look at creative processes that choreographers navigate – focusing on the blazing flashes of inspiration, the struggles of insecurity, and the willingness to expose one’s vulnerabilities. Using dance, film, text, and music this project guides the audience through an experience that exposes a choreographer’s journey. 

Danseur Drama
Project Lead: Mark-Anthony Zuniga
Danseur Drama is the story about Kavin, a man in his late twenties, who is convinced by friends to try ballet to help him get over his ex-boyfriend.  Unexpectedly, ballet will ultimately test friendships, define family, and promote healing.  The format is a play, but each scene will demonstrate a ballet term, which also represents the underlying theme.

Believe You Me: Interpreting Media
Project Lead: Daniel Berkowitz
How do you see yourself? Believe You Me is an interactive installation which explores the relationship between humans and media through the use of video, live performance and an alien invasion. We invite you to log off, cancel your subscriptions and come as you are.

Project Lead: Kenny Chilton
What is safety? Can one ever really find true safety? The actors explore the theme of safety versus security by following the lives of citizens in the dystopian Safehouse. In an attempt to feel free, young Oliver pushes the boundaries of his underground, sheltered world.

War Games
Project Leads: Meg Greene and Lindsay Hearn
War Games is a play for family audiences that explores the story of Jonah, a young boy whose father is deployed in Afghanistan. Jonah and his family work to navigate the harsh emotional realities of war and confront the scariest question of all.